Giving life to walls has been our passion and our only business

Whether you have a modern house with insulated walls, and want to render your external walls, or have an older building without wall insulation and wish to add external wall insulation to it, we provide the entire range of services. Depending on what your requirements are, what your home or office is built to currently withstand, we can tailor our service to your customised needs.

We offer the following services.

Monocouche Rendering : With just one coat, this provides weather protection as well as the ability to colour and design without requiring additional coats of paint. All our specialists are Weber-trained. Weber monocouche is the very best the industry has to offer, and Imperial will commit its team to delivering you the latest techniques in Weber monocouche rendering.

Silicone and Acrylic Rendering: In order to prevent your walls from losing their freshness and developing cracks, we offer both silicone rendering and acrylic rendering. Whether it’s a glossy finish you desire, a matt look, or a nice textured feel, our Jub approved installers will give your house or office a fantastic new look. Jub renders are among the most respected and coveted techniques available today.

Insulated Rendering: If your building walls lack insulation within the structure, we provide External Wall Insulation (EWI) – a technique by which your walls are padded on the outside with an insulating medium and topped off with a render on the outside. Thus your building becomes energy efficient, as well as beautiful. Our insulated rendering, which is executed by Jub approved installers, has the added advantage of ensuring that the space between the EWI and your existing walls doesn’t catch dampness or moisture.

Specialist Plaster Finishes: Our portfolio of rendering and finishing options would not be complete if we didn’t offer plaster finishes. Our mosaic plasters and Atlas plaster mixes offer you the most beautiful options to texture your walls with a touch of class and style. From a more classic look to a newer brighter touch, you can choose what you want your walls to say about you, and we give you the perfect plaster touch.

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